2019 Season wraps up in Charleston

Hog Framiliy!

East Cobb LC 🦔 🦔 🦔 wrapped up our 6th, and most successful season ever in Charleston, SC this past week-end. The Hogs had a solid time at the Holy City Classic, and notched a runner-up performance (more on that here).

This year was East Cobb’s breakthrough, like a restaurant that’s been around for more than 5 years, we’re quality now, we will ask you if you need a refill 20x an hour. The club welcomed over 15 new players, hit new tournaments, and is working on another interesting schedule for 2020.

The campaign started off soft in Charlotte, took off in Columbia, achieved the unthinkable in Lake Tahoe 🏆, turned around 2018’s abysmal result in Asheville, took on Nashville and ended with a great time in Charleston. All in all the boys turned in a 21-8 record, notched a championship, finished 2nd once, 3rd twice and fourth once and raised over $1,500 for Shootout for Soldiers. We did this while wearing matching uniforms.
• 6 April 2019: Charlotte Play Day ~ Record: 1-2
• 18 May 2019: Shootout for Soldiers Atlanta
• 22 June 2019: Carolina Classic ~ Record: 4-2 Semi-Finalist / 4th
• 19 July 2019: Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament ~ Record: 5-0 Champion
• 26 July 2019: Blue Ridge Classic ~ Record: 4-1 Semi-Finalist / 3rd
• 17 August 2019: Summers End ~ Record: 3-1 Semi-Finalist / 3rd
• 20 September 2019: Holy City Classic ~ Record: 4-2 Runner-Up

Huge thanks to our players who traveled, contributed on the field and off, to our MVPs, to our friends and family for helping our tribe thrive this year. More to come!

And now from our sponsor: Our club welcomes newly graduated 🥍 🏃 🧙‍♂️ 🎯 (or less newly graduated) collegiate players, rising seniors and genuine good dues to run with the Hogs. More here.

Here’s a smattering of pics from our epic season - enjoy. And yes, that’s a stretcher. Don’t worry, Sir Dirt a/k/a Bailey was ok!

East Cobb runner-up at Charleston Holy City 2019

The Hogs traveled down to Charleston this past weekend for the 2019 Holy City Classic. While this one isn’t quite as far as Lake Tahoe, it wasn’t close, and remember that hedgehogs have short legs.

East Cobb placed second🥈🥈🥈 in the tourney to a team from a city known for a mouse and boy bands. They have swans 🦢.

Huge props to the Holy City Sinners Masters Lacrosse Club and Chris Leeper for putting on an excellent event, for keeping the weather super good and the extra charred “Clarke” hot dogs.

Opponents included Crown Town Kingsmen (p/k/a QC Misfits), Columbia Natives, the team that shall remain nameless and Jacksonville Juice. The 🦔s were 4 - 2 overall.

Our tourney MVPs and gnome winners include:

Tourney MVP: Jon Santa Maria - Goalkeeper (Hog Debut!) 🧱

Offense MVP: Scott Jackson - Attack (Red Hat) 👨‍⚕️

Defense MVP: Braden Gordon - Defensive Midfield (The Moose 🦌)

Transition MVP: Drew Wassenaar - Midfield (🎳🎳🎳)

We highly recommend this tournament, Charleston is an extra fine city, the food is great and it’s next to an ocean 🌊, which is always useful.

More to come from the Hogs in the coming weeks -including tons of new 🦔 swag. Thank you for your support of our washed up club - we appreciate it!

Carlos the Doodle and the Hog Gang.

Parker, Stellwag, Santa and Greg, aka the Goon Squad.

Braden Gordon, “The Moose”, doing DMid things.

Borrowed helmet, pads, gloves, cleats….”I remembered the golf shorts though!” - Kevin Mulvey

Rocky Top for Days - Summers End 7 v 7

Once two strangers climbed ol' Rocky Top
Lookin' for a moonshine still
Strangers ain't come down from Rocky Top
Reckon they never will
Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top
Dirt's too rocky by far
That's why all the folks on Rocky Top
Get their corn from a jar

Tuh-Tennessee sup sup from the Hogs. Second edition of Hogs at Summer’s End 7 v 7 in Nashville at Ted Rhodes. This is false advertising, Summer is nowhere near over, we demand a refund.

Hedgehogs 🦔 finished 3-1 - only loss came in the bracket - not so bad but no t-shirts for the boys.

Your Summer’s Never Over, you live in Florida now MVPs are…

Tourney MVP: Red Edwards - Defense (Hoss Lyfe)

Offense MVP: Jack Spallone - Attack (Only one “t” from glory)

Defense MVP: Mark Destro - Goalkeeper

Next up is the Charleston Holy City Classic in SC. Maybe you’ll be there, maybe you’ll… buy a hat.

Hogs and some dirty laundry 🧺…

Hogs and some dirty laundry 🧺…

East Cobb place 3rd at 2019 Blue Ridge Classic

The Hedgehogs played in the 2019 Blue Ridge Classic this weekend, the 6th edition for the club, and only a week after 1st place finish in Lake Tahoe. Cue the Montell Jordan Classic, “This Is How We Do It”, it’s called depth and the Hog Nation.

Big time props to Lake Tahoe players who headed up to North Carolina: Anthony Winters for East Cobb and Richie Greenough and Connor Hanson for Owls Deep, KSU’s Alumni Team. That’s some serious commitment!

East Cobb won out our group 3-0 on Friday and Saturday, including an evening up of our record with QC Misfits on Friday night. Unfortunately we fell by a goal to the Banana Hammocks (yes, that’s their real name) in the Semis. The Patchouli Coated 🧙‍♂️ home team defeated the Hammocks for the ‘Ship.

Your Asheville BRC 2019 MVPs:

Tourney MVP: Parker Fairey - Goalkeeper “🥅 ⚒” (the Goaliesmith!)

Offense MVP: Kyle Morris - Midfield Hoss

Defense MVP: Drew Wassenaar 🇳🇱 - Midfield + Really Nice Guy

Next up for the club - Summer’s End 7 v 7 in Nashville, TN on August 17th. Smell ya later.

6/10 Team Picture - many missing Hogs

2014 Asheville BRC. 6 Years of Hogs.

Hogs win Lake Tahoe 2019!!!

Your East Cobb 🦔 🦔 🦔 have notched our first tournament championship, and it couldn’t have happened in a more spectacular place - it’s unreal. Our tourney squad came from all over: Georgia, SoCal, NorCal, New York and the Jerz. East Coass, Wess Coass. Squad was a true prickle of hedgehogs. Check the stat sheet-

  • 5 - 0 Record

  • 52 gf vs. 24 ga

  • Freshest Uniforms 🦔

  • Best Animal Sounds 🦔

We lined up against teams with very solid talent, including Big Blue (Sonoma State Alumni), Old Gael’s (Saint Mary’s University Alumni) and the Dodge Fathers. We faced Team Vegas in the Semi-Finals and Gamecocks, who appeared to be mostly Chapman University affiliated.

The weekend wouldn’t have been the same without our three MVPs’ huge performance on the field:

Tourney MVP: Zack Ornstein - Faceoff Midfield (The Zornicorn) 🦄

Offense MVP: Nick Shanks - Attack (Hog Debut!) 🧙‍♂️

Transition MVP: Richie Greenough - Utility Midfield 🔨

A huge thank you to High Sierra Lacrosse and Curt Wegener for an excellent event, with sideline beer trailer and open container - totally awesome. We can’t wait to come back and defend this trophy, which weighs over 13 pounds by the way. Cut Steel ⚔️ beauty!

Some snaps of our epic weekend in Incline Village:

Hedgehogs & Volcanoes: The 2019 Carolina Classic

East Cobb traveled to the tropical paradise of Columbia, SC to play in our first Carolina Classic hosted by Columbia Natives Lacrosse.

Big improvement over Charlotte!!

Our schedule had some rumbles vs familiar names: Asheville LC, Jacksonville Juice and Columbia Natives. The 🦔s went 2-1 in pool play with a loss to Asheville (new rules: that level of patchouli and mystical chakra should be a DQ in post college ball). Postgame activities included the lazy river 🌴, a 🌋 tour by helicopter and coconut 🥥 eating contest.

Hogs made through it to the Semis, falling to the eventual tourney winner, the mercenaries of Greensboro LC, who don’t wear matching uniforms and can’t order beer 🍻 in bars legally (Team Skittles).

4th Place, whoop whoop. Tropical Columbia MVPs… 🌴 🌴 🌴

Tourney MVP: Connor Hanson - Goalkeeper (Hog Debut!) 🧱

Offense MVP: Will Goodman - Utility Midfield 🔪

Defense MVP: Estefan Lucio - Faceoff Midfield 🔨

Lake Tahoe in Incline Village, NV is next up on July 19th, see you there dirtbags!

Serious filth contained right here…

Pregame juggling with Connor®️.

RPS under the watchful eye of Quiles. “No cheating now!”

Da Loach.

So tropical. Columbia is amazing.

MVPs L to R: Will Goodman, Connor Hanson, Estefan Lucio

Hogs play in 4th Shootout for Soldiers Atlanta

East Cobb LC participated in the 4th annual Shootout for Soldiers at Kennesaw Mountain High School - Casey Minick’s high school home (sooooo many goals scored here). We note that this field is usually 5,000,000 degrees, and will melt your cleats. It’s just closer to the sun.

The club raised somewhere in the vicinity of $1,500 for the Patriot Legacy Fund and America’s Vet Dogs. Since inception in Atlanta East Cobb has raised over $7,500 for various charities.

This year we were able to put in plenty of hours - two full games - night open time - our rookie goalie Jon Santa Maria played at least 36 hours in cage overnight.

Here are some pics from SFS Atlanta…

Great times, great cause!

This field is always hot.

Anchor Dowwwwwwwwn, Dolbs!