Mittens and Lax - Blue vs. White Scrimmy

Hog Fam-

The club had it's second Blue vs. White Scrimmage of the year at Kell High School - Blue were "Mathletes from Georgia Tech", led by GK Matt Sommerfeldt; White was "PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018", led by GK Matt McCarthy. 

It was surely a cold day in Hell because everyone showed up promptly for the most part and no one flaked. Club played full sides with ample subs. The boys also got their new frosty mitts: Warrior Evo Pros and Brine King Elites. Pictures don't do them justice!  

Mathletes took the game with a score of 7 - 1 over the Korean Winter Games. The Series is now tied 1 - 1. The winner gets beer pitchers at Taco Mac and a pic with Rupert the Hog.

The squad welcomed some new guests and players this past weekend: Stephen Dolbow (Mid), Andrew Taralongo (Mid), Jack Quinn (Def), Jeffrey Allar (Mid), Jake Sciotto (Def), Tanner Fant (Att). As always, if you're interested in playing lacrosse with our club, check out this page here.

Next event: Blue vs. White, 3 March 2018. 

Here are some snaps - more pics on our Facebook page here.